Sovereign Syre: Lesbian Anal Training


Being a simple man, hearing ‘lesbian’ might sound fun to you. What if we add ‘anal training’ after it? Would that catch your interest or at least your attention? If it does, listen well. Sovereign Syre will get that thing with the help Lea Lexis. We hope that it’s good enough for ya. Sovereign talks about her special meeting. Dana Vespoli, who’s apparently doing a cameo, listens to her story. It was a meaningful experience that she decided to recreate that experience with a little spice. Sovereign calls up Lea to help her out. They start off by Lea undressing Sovereign to her core. Once that’s done, she gives her light kisses while her fingers travels around Sovereign’s tits and cunt to have a little introduction. But Lea gets a little rougher by the minute. She handled Sovereign like an object. Lea made Sovereign bend over on her lap to give her some spanking and let her ass hole know what’s up. Sovereign’s butt cheeks blushes from the beating of Lea. Sovereign now sits down on the couch and spreads her legs open. Lea takes out a fancy looking toy for Sovereign. She slowly inserts this in Sovereign’s asshole. Lea was nice enough to give Sovereign’s mouth and pussy some kisses. Lea bent her over again to see some other angle on her ass hole. She continues wrecking Sovereign’s ass hole with a toy. At some point, Lea brings out another toy and lubricates that with Sovereign’s mouth. They did the same routine, only this time, Lea joins in the fun. Lea gets naked too and gets Sovereign to lick her cunt and use the toys. Sovereign takes her sweet revenge by doing the same things to Lea. Eventually, they got on a sixty-nine position to lick each other’s cunts. Sovereign didn’t stop using the toy while licking Lea. This lead to their climaxes and marks the end of the affair.


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