Sovereign Syre and Dana Vespoli's Pent Up Lesbian Lust in Shes Come Undone Part 5


The girls are both in bed. The gorgeous Dana Vespoli's blouse is lowered to her belly, showing off her beautiful arm tattoo. Sovereign Syre is equally as pretty wearing nothing but a seafoam necklace. For a moment Sovereign recalls when she was manhandled by a man in her past. She then shrugged it off. Both ladies went for a shower as the brunette Dana washes Sovereign's butt cheeks. The two start kissing, as their natural breasts meet. It's a sensual scene as their tongues collide. Dana's fingers are all over Sovereign's pussy. Sovereign then gives off a soulful moan as she looks straight at Dana's eyes. The lesbians proceed to the bedroom where Dana continues to lick Sovereign's pussy. Sovereign's legs are up high so Dana could have better passage on her cunt. Dana now focuses on Sovereign's toes, she then places all of Sovereign's toes inside her mouth, both seemingly enjoys the act. the ladies are now facing each other, they take turn passionately kissing each other's eyelids. Sovereign lies on the bed giving Dana access to her back, Dana kisses the back of Sovereign's neck, the kiss trails downwards until her tongue reaches Soverign's butt cheeks. Dana Vespoli then places her fingers on Sovereign Syre's coochie. Dana couldn't resist Soverign's sweet armpits, so she decided to shower it with kisses and licks. Fingernails are buried in Dana's back as Sovereign couldn't contain her desires. Sovereign orgasmed and she is contented. It's Sovereign's turn to take lead, she starts kissing Dana's goodie hole, as Dana is lying on the bed, facing down. Dana enjoys every second of it, she enjoys every flick of Sovereign's tongue on her ass hole. Sovereign now focuses on Dana's armpits while she fingers her partner's slit. Dana is obviously enjoying every second of it as she orgasm and everyone is happy. The scene ends with Dana lighting a cigarette.


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