Dana DeArmond and Lola Foxx: Irresistible Step Daughter


The scene starts with Lola’s ass on your face. She is doing chores for her stepmom, Dana. Must be really a neat freak that she’s pissed that one of her toys is not clean. She suspects Lola on using it without her permission. The drama starts when she began inserting the familiar-shaped toy on Lola’s mouth while lecturing her. It might be a hell of a lecture because Dana starts undressing Lola because she said she doesn’t even deserve to wear clothes in her house. Dana starts going postal on Lola by humiliating her. But Lola starts liking it at some point. The stepmom starts exploring Lola’s body. She made her crawl on the floor and began playing with Lola’s holes. She undresses herself and spanking her step daughter’s ass. Her ‘punishment’ stepped up. She licked Lola’s ass and inserts the toy in it. Dana uses the other for herself. Dana gets creative. She inserts the toy using her mouth. She takes it out and chokes on the toy for a second. The accumulated spit on her mouth is flowing out. She spat it out on the floor and made Lola lick it. The stepmom gets fixated on Lola’s ass. She starts inserting her whole hand in Lola’s taint, fucked by the hands of her own stepmother. Dana stood up and ordered Lola to eat her ass. Lola is starting to drown on that. She kneels down and made her suck on her tits, too. Dana lies down to get comfortable and the pussy-eating continues. Tongue on one hole, finger on the other. Lola upped the game by bringing in a curved toy to the fray. It looks like a shower handle but anyway, she inserted it on Dana’s ass. This continued for a while until Dana stands up and starts dragging Lola on the floor— she proceeds to eat her stepdaughter’s snatch while inserting the said toy in the ass. While being fucked by a toy in the ass, Lola starts rubbing her pussy. Dana wets the toy in Lola’s mouth to make the ass-entry easier. Dana starts getting rougher here by slapping Lola’s face and tits. Dana lies down to make the toy penetrate both of their asses. Dana rubs Lola while this happens. Dana stands up and sits on Lola’s face. Dana reaches out to Lola’s pussy to be a little generous. It didn’t take a while until they go back to their positions earlier. Dana decided that the lecture/punishment is over. She tops it off with a kiss and as she walks out, signs “I’m watching you”.


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