Bonnie Rotten and Dana Vespoli Lesbian Anal Toy Bonding


Have you ever been so broke that you felt the need to sell your friend’s sex toys? Well, this might be a rare case and this only happened to people who regularly and openly uses them. Like Dana Vespoli’s friend, Bonnie Rotten here. Dana was about to get out of the house, carrying the damn stuff but she gets caught by Bonnie. Since there’s no way she gonna talk her way out of this, Dana just stood there and awaits Bonnie’s punishment. If only Bonnie got some method and materials to give this bad friend of hers some kind of punishment… OH. That’s right. The toys are just literally sitting there. WHAT A FUCKIN’ COINCIDENCE. I guess this is the best materials at the moment to teach Dana some lesson. For the methods? That’s gonna be something related to the toys. You know where this is going. They pull out an familiar-looking, elongated, pink toy. They then uses this to play with their mouths while kissing at times and constantly touching each other in familiar places. This passionate punishment from Bonnie snowballed into something more… interesting. After playing with the pink toy, the starts licking each other’s pussy. But seeing the box of horrors, they still have some other toys they can play with. As time progresses at this time, they bring out a variety of fuck materials to satisfy both of these slut’s desire of cumming. Bent over, on their backs or standing up— they all in these position to get their tongues and toys reach every possible angle of their fuck holes. Seeing them sweaty and satisfied in the end, I think they forgot how this session started in the first place. Bonnie is quite forgetful when her fuck holes gets catered with an intent of being pleasured.


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